the visions experience

(1) Jesus-vision received 7-2009-in this vision, I saw a Light, outlined Jesus, looked like man outlined with White light.<BR> <BR>(2)Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 10-29-2009-its whew whew, said, hollie, thats steam locomotive sound, Father on, as, driver, its, minature, said, hollie, comes out of pipe, bobby, said, hollie, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie, sang, showed, popes picture, tear up, and restore, hey, said, hollie, thats, whole new world order, appearing, in, picture, hollie, sits with Jesus, not budging, then laughs, thats, moon, acting like sun, laughs, whats that, said, hollie, showed, hu hintaos picture, see, said, hollie, you have it, she said, relaxed, both beasts, out, yelled, hollie, echoed, thats, robert waggoner writing book, thats, his reverend dr. jeremy taylor being interviewed, now both are embarrased, thats robert waggoner calling d.min jeremy taylor u.u., minister, but didnt know, he stole, said, hollie, ministry of dreams, thats robert waggoner taking questions on his radio show, you knew, one woman said, git outta there, said, ph.d. robert waggoner, click, thats lighted finger pointed, thats paliban daily music, hollie, beats drums, thats, janetmck who is janet mcknight stealing the God, said, hollie, ministry of dreams, encouraging people to buy,,, thats jean poole buting, jean poole is janetmcks child, thats jean poole worshipping and loving janetmck, steals, Lord its to ruin said jean poole, thats poole, jean giving passwords to jenny donati who is leticia yoo, thats all in janetmcks arms loving and worshipping their LOrd, said, Jesus, its janet mcknight, hollie shows, popes picture, points, tears up, thats red in tears, hollie, looks, black horse, appears, its that o red and black chariot, pulled by angry red and black horses, hollie on top, looks down, im not her, pointed, hollie, on top of grain mill, at hollie, shes, the main ministering spirit, I tell you who you want, its, hollie showed, gabriel appears, look, said, hollie, it, rained submarines, hollie looks for hollie showed, cindy, that, said, hollie, its, cindy, thats grim reaper, happy, heres uh warning, said, hollie, it, was, simb, said, sandy, you needed more, said, hollie, playing music, thats, angel showing, ministryofdreams, happy, like lit round face, thats hollie riding missile, its, into, taiwan, exploded, thats red horse, turning around, and, its rider, hu hintao, attacking washington state, then, thats, hollie, boris yeltsin talks with hintao, we will hit from behind, he said, thats, russian jet, its Borei class, thats what you need, said, hollie, russian jet with captain hollie, thats, nuclear, explosion, in, its, said, hollie, canada, said, Jesus, appeared, then whole american center exploded, thats lighted submarines all around, its u.s.a. showed, hollie, one fires, thats nuclear explosion in california, hollie laughs, watching on cnn, thats both american coasts exploding, from, submarines firing, hollie showed, record, that is horses running, its in between the two brass mountains, theres, black, thats, pontiff appearing on, like, angel, theres, red, thats, false prophet hu hintao, appearing, on, thats, grim reaper, on, grizzled, horse, tell me, said, grim reaper, collecting dead souls from the earth, thats massive nuclear explosion, its in, grim reaper looks, russia, cause russia is the bear father, said, hollie, thats, pontiff with medvedev, telling, its, hu, drive them outta there, thats chinese army invading russia, thats many nuclear fires in russia, hollie shows, grace apostolic, its on, thursday night, hollie showed, pop up revival, what does hollie say, that is grace apostolic church, thats, captain hollie, its akula again, thats, what, you want, needed, said, hollie, thats, captain hollie, aiming, firing, gaza exploded, hollie turns his light submarine round, thats it, he, said, iraq, burns, hollie pushes george bush to microphone, grunts, eats chicken, leaves, tell me says george w. bush surrouned by fire, whay didnt they give those oil wells to us, then saddam hussein appears, he was the one that brought america down, lets rule the world, said, angry putin, hollie appears, slides, hollie appears, then hollie, like, cat, hollie like silhouette appears, yeah, she said, its to late for iraq said hollie, and hollie points, nuclear fires, in iraq, and, gaza, lets rule the world, said, putin, that was hollie, its double blade, kind, hollie said, copter, hollie showed, turn, go, had lighted, bear paws, tear up, popes picture, appears, in, hollie was like silhouette body, then face appeared, let me, said, hollie, showed, she, said, the beast, its with seven heads and ten horns, its pontiff, thats, kings popping out, hollie, with seven heads, its meatloaf again, hollie, said, bangs stick, conducts, aw, sang, seven heads, kings pop, out, of, heads, like, mexico, theres lula, chavez, castrol, nicaragua, kim jong, theres putin and hintao, aw, sang, one of the heads, pope pops out of his head, thats, the prophecies center website, like, a horned, its lucifer, said, showed, ten horns, thats, putin, with pontiff above like horn, theres ten horns, thats, ten russian leaders, walking out, thats, the, dreadful beast, said, hollie, with, pontiff on top, theres ten toes, thats kings faces as toenails, its, the, g8, said, hollie, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o. and russia, theres, bush riding scarlet colored beast with, as woman, hollie clapped, stomped foot, tear up, put back, rip, angel, hollie played piano on, its show, hollie showed, titanic, theres piano, hollie sat at, whats my pianos word, said, hollie, played, pope arose, hollie played piano, thats pianos inside, its r.m.s. titanic, hollie showed, thats it with captain smith rubbing against iceberg, hollie showed, as it sank, water spilled over watertight compartments, hollie rested her case, hollie screams, plays piano, its from titanic show, hollie runs out, smiling, waited, hollie showed, the God spoke, she, said, ministry of dreams, dont steal, thats the prophecies center website appearing, hollie plays piano, pulls, its, olympic, titanics sister, twin, she said, it, thats ministering hollies busting olympic, still could be used as storage, thats r.m.s. olympic, it bent, cause, hollie showed, plates, they come apart, its, hollie showed, rivets, wearing away, hollie beats rivet in, it holds plates, hollie said, hollie showed, bob reaching out to cruise line, thats queen mary two jumping on, bob preaching, this is uh warning, said, hollie, showed, its u.s.a. economic collapse, thats barack announcing, then leaving, thats people lootin, your church would be, hollie, dreaded, people for free, thats, the, reason, said, Jesus, hollie plays music, with, its alarie sanome, said, hollie, sandy wipes lips, it was simb, thats lighted submarines all around america, thats, one, firing, nuclear explosion in california, hollie laughs, points, I was watching it there, she said, cnn, thats news, anchor man, hollie, said, 11-3-2009-I will not forgive, said, Jesus, its, said, hollie, cecil e. green, thats, said, showed, hollie, cecil green, trying to make, hollie wipes lips, bob, speak, blasphemy, against, like he has, thats cecil green saying, its the devil done it, said cecil green, when, Jesus, did it, type in google, said, God, cecil e. green is cut off, thats him showing lost, its to late for cecil green, said, hollie, showed cut off, he knew, she said, thats your reverend cecil e. green, pocketing, the lute said, its palibano, thats jean poole, your gonna git cut off, said, hollie, and, thats, the, reason, she, said, david k. bernard appears, hes never been Holy Ghost filled, hes uh witch, said, hollie, thats, your reverend brian lane worshipping saint bernard, both, thats brian lane, pastor at, said, Jesus, liberty tabernacle, I aint here, said, reverend lane, thats his wife shaking yes, sell it said pastor brian lane, heres why, he said, showed, cut off, its wrong said Jesus, appeared, said, hollie, brian lane never got thru, said, mrs. lane, both, thats Jesus coming into bobby like body perfect size, o thats it said brian lane, thats your reverend brian lane speaking with tongues, anybody can do that, said, hollie, theres kent gray of antioch apostolic, hes uh witch, said, hollie, you knew, said, Jesus, kent gray got flock to pay for land, build church on, and, it comes with free house, thats mrs. kent gray, its bobby again, she, said, thats pastor kent r. gray putting finger in bobs face, I dont want you to, he said, bob, leaves, we know, said, mrs. gray, hollie appears, heres the vision, make it plain, said, hollie, beat, she, said, with, my hand, she, said, lighted, pope appears, thats, kent gray looking at visions, bob told kent gray, God said, Holy Ghost baptizm feels like a body your perfect size coming in, kent trembles, like, bradford baker and carlos burdine, hey its brad baker said, Jesus, appears, said, hollie, you wanted bob out, he, could have gotten you thru, thats mrs. bradford baker looking at visions, thats radio one, tower, it, said, hollie, showed, broadcasting, thats news anchor man, submarines, all around, america, hollie shows, eight, she said, lighted submarines, with, captian hollie, one has captain edward smith, fires, thats, nuclear, explosion in, its california, said, dumitru duduman, hollie, laughs, watching on cnn, then both american coasts exploded, thats, russian jet with captain hollie, drops bomb, its near canada, minnesota border, exploded, then whole american center explodes, im not the website anymore, said, hollie, pointed, at, gabriel, that, said, hollie, its akula agin, thats, what, you, needed, said, hollie, was, captain hollie in his submarine, gaza exploded, I turned, said, hollie, iraq burns, thats, hollie, appearing, with george bush, its your president, thats george w. bush pressing nuclear button, thats netanyahu, pressing nuclear button, he, its the fire, showed, hollie, after, gaza, thats captain, hollie, its akula agin, said, hollie, gaza, burns, hollie turns, sub, iraq, destroyed, bush grunts, let me be blunt, he said, eats chicken, points, we want our, he, said, eats, oil, countries, leaves, hollie pushes in fire, its president bush, lets rule the world, said, angry putin, the prophecies center, name appeared, said, Jesus, hollie, said, hollie screams, what for whats my word, hollie said, again, bobby, this is website, lets post, thats prophecies center like hollie, this is warning, said, hollie, you lost your dream, said, angel, joel urshan said, you dont matter, to bob, hollie shows, its uh dream, she said, night vision, hollie said, that was north korea exploding, like the, angel, talked about, said, hollie, this is vision, lets not post no more, hollie said, hollie stamps, smiling, hollie with Jesus inside shows record, that, was, peter popoff saying, come on, he was a little frustrated, this is a warning, said, hollie, hollie tore up, put back, had silhouette body, face, eyes, start, appearing, like, kind of, wavy, hollie screams, you dont know, what, you got untill its over, said, Jesus, casey points, thats, the, round light face, with many faces appearing, well record it then, said, hollie, thats the alome aleem, said, hollie, sandy appears, that, was, hollie, said, hollie, jordan, said, JEsus, exploded, thats, from, high, in, air, egypt and syria exploded, to, thats, beast and false prophet, hu, in israel, thats, hintao, slashing, pontiff, thats, netanyahu, after, he, presses, its, the, nuke, button, said, hollie, thats missile leaving russia, with, whose that on that rocket said, hollie, you know, said, hollie, its, ministry of dreams, israel explodes, you, said, Jesus, like angel, Lord, hollie divides mountain into three parts, thats, great earthquake, its, cause, hollie said, post, thats, angry, black horse, it stood up, said, hollie, showed, the popes picture, im the rider, said, pontiff, thats, its into russia, said, pope, signs, thats, medvedev and pontiff, its uh deal, said, medvedev, then, said, hollie, hollie, showed, lets do it, give it here, said, hollie, coming out of, its tape, hollie said, recorder, thats, it, its that o chariot pulled by angry red and black horses, one horse shows the geese circling, hollie, comes out, of, middle, bobby we want you back here said goose, showed, with fin, tomorrow, thats geese circling, hollie showed, quit recording for a while, hollie blew horn, out hollie, pointing, turn, said, showed, hollie, theres peace and safety, said, Jesus, thats it, said, hollie, bush, gorbachev appear, its, start one, hollie, said, they signed, cause russia is the bear father, said, Jesus, thats, it, said, hollie, and, enthusiastic hollie appears, that, hollie, said, thats hollie, like silhouette, thats the moon with the sun behind, sun stepped out, bright, moon happy, thats smoke rising, blocking, and, gross darkness, thats moon placing hand on, bobby its the book, thats, sun, showing, war, bobby, theres one blasphemy that I wont forgive said Jesus, he has spoken blasphemy, said, hollie, its david bernard of u.p.c.i., appeared, said, hollie, with b on forehead, you know what I did, said david bernard, when the devil tells me, said bernard, david, thats Jesus whispering into the ear of david bernard, I know, he said, david bernard wants people to beleive that it wasnt God that spoke but satan, said, hollie, with loose belt, sound, sorry, said, hollie, hollie said, put some more, thats alarie aleem, sandy wipes lips, it was simb, thats, pope grown like flower, theres hu, hollie, said, thats geese circling, I tear up, said hollie, in middle, one goose shows, down, they do not want no more visions on rouleaukids, said, hollie, showed post on world prophecy center, thats worldprophecycenter website appearing with horn, dont steal, said, hollie, this is warning, lets post, said, hollie, im the dragon, said, dragon, rose, theres, pope appearing on, that was hu hintao, theres chavez, why did you steal ministry of dreams medula to ruin Gods child like your father aafke, shes uh witch like satans servant medula, both lost, and he saw, said, casey, medula showing cut off, thats medula and aafke in the lake of fire, put it on, said, Jesus, wait till your friend see how much you hate their Allah, said, the LOrd, Jesus, thats Aafke Brouwer steals the God spoken name ministry of dreams, ha ha said Aafke Brouwer
when she was hidden, but now, trembles, thats her friends looking at visions, telling, Aafke Brouwer, we caught you, one woman says, laughing, why do you hate God, said, Aafke Brouwers friend, I dont I love, but, she steals ministry of dreams to ruin Gods child, I tell you what im gonna do, said, Jesus, you have untill tonight at midnite to make Ahmed Al-Omra remove all ministry of dreams posts on his blog or tomorrow, ill light up the internet with your whole name and address, thats Aafke Brouwer trembling, Lord it was his, Aafke Brouwer said, thats, said, hollie, Aafke Brouwer Zebroidart, she steals, hollie said, showed ministry of dreams, she is dr. reverend jeremy taylors child, thats Aafke ann Brouwer, shes, thats ann brouwer writing kids books and stealing the God spoke ministry of dreams said, hollie, thats ann brouwer afraid, but, thats aafke lauging when stealing ministry of dreams, Lord I wanted to write uh book said ann aafke brouwer, not being, destroyed, said, angry Jesus, 11-3-2009-jordan, said, Jesus, casey points, its, at, uh big, she said, nuclear explosion, in jordan, thats syria and egypt, exploding, thats, benjamin netanyahu pressing nuclear button, hollie showed, thumbs up, that van, hollie, points, turn, this is not the website talking, said, hollie, thats, post angel like lit round face, appearing, this is uh warning, said, hollie, thats iraq and gaza exploding, hollie screams, its the leave it alone for me, said, hollie, screams, I dont want no more visions, hollie, said, screamed, banged hand, and, light, head, hollie, said, it appeared, she said, like, round, light, face, man, and, that, o, red and black chariot, whats hollie screaming for, said, Jesus, cause its my word, said, hollie, banged, hand, showed, pastors, preaching, pocketing, the, lute, their own word, thats, pastor, studying, for, sermon, hollie bangs hand, up rose the beast, hollie, said, pope appears, on, dragon, thats hu hintao, there you have it, said, hollie, both beasts, hollie relaxes, thats, lula, appearing, hes, afraid, not wanting, theres chavez, dreading, thats, nicaragua, its, peaceful, land, thats bear with rib in mouth, its, nicaragua, cuba, and, mexico, appear, with, thats, three ribs in bears mouth, but theres all those presidents signing with medvedev, theres kim jong, hes, not caring, shows, but, wait, looks around, but, signs, thats, there you have it, said, hollie, had hands in air, hollie screams, aw, sang, seven heads, those kings pope out, hollie shows the seven heads, like little lighted head, whats my heads word, said, hollie, we dont want it, said, head, russia, said, hollie, theres, the, beast, hollie, said, thats putin, smiling, thats putin coming out of yeltsin, and, boris coming out of, its politburo, showed, hollie, theres putin coming out of medvedev, its cause im the beast, said, putin, thats hollie and, putin at table, wondering why, putin shows, its, because, of, iraq, that brings america into remembrance before God, there said, Jesus, hollie like vampire, cat, hollie, said, thats hollie like big beautiful white cat showing, the leopard, hollie, said, thats hu hintao, japan, north, south, korea, presidents, appear, there you have it, said, hollie, its magog, thats dragon rising, im with putin, dragon said, thats the antichrist, its, pontiff, said, hollie, im with witch, said, david k. bernard, thats connie the conner, said, God, connie bernard, shes, mrs. hair dyer, that bitch, said, God, thats connie like sarah palin, the bernards preach lost for a fee, thats what ever you give them, said, Jesus, now david bernard is close to being a billionaire, but, never got saved, thats david bernard preaching the Lord Jesus by his own understanding, not really knowing what hes talking about, theres donald winters, lets give it to donny joe, said, mrs. winters, they never got thru to Holy Ghost, but, thats donald winters pocketing, money, give me, some of that, said, mrs. winters, theres delbert spall, hes, never prayed thru to Holy Ghost, but, God had many servants there at westside pentecostal church, thats mrs. donald winters looking at visions, then bob, appears, said, Holy Ghost baptizm feels like a body your perfect size coming in, mrs. donald winters shows donald winters, thats sun stepping out, then, moon, thats both playing, sun laughs, moon shows, bobby he didnt let me said moon, Jesus, appears, thats paliban daily music, and, jean poole reading visions, hollie, rises and beats drums, were paliban, said, palibano jean poole, we stole ministry of dreams said jenny donati, shut your mouth about that, said, jean poole, thats poole, jean purchasing, hollie showed, its, on, may 5, 2009, thats jean poole reading visions, and, jean poole, knows her pastor Billy-Reuben Gibson knows, this is uh warning, said, hollie, this is vision, lets post, she, said, 11-4-2009-hollie screams, beats drums, its paliban daily music, thats the leave us alone sorry, said, hollie, thats, jean poole stealing and purchasing, gives daughter passwords, now jean poole is exposed, thats her boss, jean poole what is is this, o said embarrased jean poole, thats her at work starting to remove what I spoke said Jesus, ministry of dreams, openly mocks bob on ministry of dreams dot org, now, thats jean poole leaving work for the last time, you were warned said Jesus, shes in washington, its paliban in washington d.c., hollies smiles, Jesus, appears out of whirlwind, thats, showed, hollie, that o new world order chariot with the pope and hu, pulled angry black and red horses, its, whew whew, said, hollie, shes acting like, the funnel, on, its steam engine, said, hollie, pioneer, thats Father, on steam locomotive, and hollie funnel, looks, then, smiles, blows, hi, said, hollie, its hair dyer, aw, said, Billy-Reuben Gibson, hes, witch, said, God, theres uh submarine, right, there, said, hollie, now, look, she, said, its akula again, thats, what, you, want, need, said, hollie, now, look, hollie, said, thats submarines all around america, all have captain, hollie, one fires, thats nucelar explosion in california, thats hollie clapping watching it on cnn, then, all fire, thats, nuclear fires, along, both, american, coasts, thats, hollie showing vitamin, take, she, said, thats, hollie, hanging from, rope, copter, flown, by gabriel, thats, nuclear explosion in canada, then whole american center exploded, thats, barack with, ear thing, in, hollie, saw, typeing, thats, rockets leaving america, striking russia, thats captain hollie, in ohio class submarines, shooting rockets on russia, thats Jesus sprinkling, bear rising, devouring, thats, rockets leaving, russia, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, world shakes, pope in sky, no, said, hollie, showed, away, but, shook, yes, stomped foot, snapped fingers, claps, showed, its, tada, pope, appears, there are no more visions in pentecost, cause there aint no more apostolics in pentecost, o said, wilhelm gustloff, ship, thats your ship, hollie, said, and he saw, said, casey, thats, three explosions, along, from torpedoes, along the side, hollie, said, thats wilhelm gustloff ship with hollie, visiting, in, her, submarine, bobby, said, Jesus, thats beast rising, like dragon, hollie shows, popes face, coming, out, its the g8, said, pope, no, said, hollie, showed, Lord im away with it, but, shook, yes, theres hu hintao, hollie, said, there you have it, hollie, said, both beasts, thats geese circling, bobby we want you come back here tomorrow, said, goose, amber, showed, hollie, its nod, she, said, theres, worried looking blynkin, and, winking, wynkin, put it under, hollie, said, both, geese, plus, one, hollie, looks, shows, popes picture, its tattood, on, right there, said, hollie, finger, take it, take the mark, said, pontiff, thats, hollie rolling up her sleeves, and, the beast, pontiff, thats antichrist, said, Jesus, thats, hegoat smiting, stomping, the ram, said, Jesus, russia, said, hollie, sprinkles, thats, bear, said, Jesus, arising, said, hollie, and, destroying, said, Jesus, its, hollie spins globe, nuclear, n.a.t.o., its, said, Jesus, countries, bobby, said, hollie, dont take it, she, said, loot, thats leopard flying, hollie watches, it has four, heads, theres, hu hintao, git outta here, said, Jesus, emporer of japan, north, south, its, korea, said, hollie, showed, spun globe, presidents, hollie, shows, world, and many countries, on fire, hollie, said, theres, bob, raptured, coming, up, out of, world, put it under, said, hollie, showed, cut off, its, churches, he, said, today, all, are, lost, witchs, hollie, said, there you have it, showed, hollie, the, leopard, this is uh warning, said, hollie, Ministy of Dreams, said, hollie, its spoken him, hollie, said, thats Jesus speaking, call if ministryofdreams, this is the dissclaimer, said, hollie, dont steal or take, ministry of dreams, or thats Jesus appearing, with torturing device, hollie, bangs, hand, thats, hollies image made alive, on, taperecorder, t.v., thats, pope, saying, take it, thats, nuclear explosion in, its, china, thats, missiles leaving, china, thats fires, in, russia, they exchange, said, hollie, screamed, thats, pope at, table, and, two horned, beast, with, hintao, and, japan, coming, out, of, horns, thats, all, three at table, 666 peace treaty is born, I, am, God, said, pontiff, sitting in rome, thats angel blowing, horn, out, hollie, points, other angels blows horns, hollie shows, the beasts kingdom full of darkness, sores on people, thats, the water, changed, into, blood, thats, great earth quake, caused by the hand of God, beat, hollie, said, down, thats four carpenters, hollie rubs chin, what be these my Lord, scatter israel, said, Jesus, they are, the, three kings, that rise in persia, there, they are, said, hollie, theres pope, and hu, hollie, said, emporer of japan, and slash, pontiff, hollie, said, that, hollie, said, thats, preparation for the battle of armageddon, hollie, shows, spins, globe, thats, hu's, armies, hollie, said, its, advancing, hollie, shows, preparation h, uses, hollie laughs, thats, hollie, sitting at, table, bobby he made me, Jesus, said, hollie, said, screams, thats, uh, warning, said, hollie, whats, this, hollie, said, its, prophesying, hollie, shows, thats, fellowship of the Father, she, said, hollie screams, staying in visions, hearing Gods voice, hollie, showed, beatem up, pulled back sleeves, come, on, hollie, said, its, the, new world order, hollie showed, posting, on, internet, from, cellphone, it works, you need to, let me, record, said, hollie, beats hand, shows, stamp, its lighted, stick, hollie, stamps, thats, cymbol beating, and, out runs, the, pope, said, hollie, riding, black horse, its into russia, he, said, signs, uh deal, said, medvedev, thats, hollie riding, missile, taiwan, burns, hollie follows, thats, lets about, face, said, hu hintao, china making war, with, u.s.a., thats Father riding the red steam locomotive, whew whew, said, hollie, they, thats, steam locomotive, sound, hollie funnel blows, thats, train, she, said, going, along tracks, they, stop, hollie, said, about, hollie rubs, chin, every, ten miles, or, so, hollie and Jesus, said, it was environmental friendly said Jesus, take water, and, wood, and, go, they, would, have, to, stop, about, every, Jesus, thinks, eight miles, but, thats, far enough, and get more, water, leave him alone, said, hollie, showed, its, hollie, showed, record, thats, angel, soldiers marching, and gabriel, dressed like angel, with partial silhouette face, then, normal, thats, hollie, with, silhouette face, my eyes, she, said, wavy face, hollie showed, muscle stimulation machines, they are good, submarines are right there, said, hollie, now, look, she, said, its akula agin, thats, what, you want, hollie, said, surfaced, fired, gaza burning, hollie turns, sub, iraq destroyed, i want to, rule, the, world, pointed, putin, hollie, showed, picture, its, pope, then, hu, hintaos, picture, there you have it, said, hollie, relaxed, both beasts, pope, said, hollie, drawing, this is, warning, said, hollie, hollie shwoed, post, on, laptop, with, hard drive, in, that, was, said, hollie, big, nuclear explosion, in, africa, thats, missiles going over, hollie claps, thats venezuela and brazil exploding, thats missiles coming from thier waters, that pointed, red, finger, hollie like silhouette, started appearing, america exploded, that, said, hollie, thats the alome saleem, said, hollie, and, hollie wipes lips, its soumb, she, said, thats, subs, prowling, its, oceans agin, hollie, said, thats, what you need, she, said, that, said, hollie, rockets left america, that, hollie, said, russia burned, this is vision, lets post, said, hollie, showed, that, was, red, horse, tap dancing, showed, hu hintaos, picture, im the rider, hintao, said, put it under, said, hollie, thats the false prophet, write the vision make it plain, said, hollie, thats geese circling, yellow bird flys out, linus in middle, showed, down, bobby, we want you back here tomorrow, they said, thats penguins walking, out, theres nod, hollie, said, thats wynkin, looking, worried, and theres blynkin, not saying nothing, then smiling, theres, put back, tear up, showed, popes picture, spun, turned into hu hintao, hollie claps, then blynkin, showed, pope, whole new world order, and, medvedev, said, hollie, thats nicaragua, and mexico, thats hugo, and chavez, theres, hintao, there you have it, showed, hollie, thats, ten horns, and, popes face in, its, showed, hollie, putins, thats, putin, out, of, medvedev, and, yeltsin, out of, its, politburo, said, hollie, theres, putin, out of both, hollie, said, there, you have it, hollie, said, thats, pope, out of, putin, smiling, that, is, explosion, in, new, york, city, said, Jesus, and, hollie, its, right, behind, the woman, hollie, said, it, staute of liberty, said, hollie, and, Jesus, then, all, of, america, exploded, it was submarines, said, hollie, showed, thats polar bear licking, the, prophet, that said, hollie, hollie, said, dont, what kind of visions do you want, said, hollie, you, did, not, need them, said, hollie, playing, music, 12-28-2009-bob I can not do one thing but come against you, I want you to die lost, this is uh warning, said, hollie, and I showed beatem up, she, said, hollie showed, record, showed, eat something, hollie with hands, pope rises, thats pontiff, clapped, hollie, riding, black, horse, its into russia, pontiff, said, bobby, said, hollie, shook, hollie, showed, turn, new power, said, Jesus, thats bobby telling Jesus cast plagues, its on the God spoken, said, hollie, showed, ministry of dreams, thats, Jesus, reading, call it ministry of dreams, hollie showed, record, and I beatem up, hollie, said, showed, war, thats, hollie, saying, come on, thats, both beasts, its hu hintao, and, pontiff, thats, both with japan, sitting at table, 666 signed for, its uh peace treaty, said, hollie, claps, thats war, said, hollie, its nuclear explosion in, hollie, shows, china, thats, missiles leaving, china, hollie, shows, nuclear fires, in, russia, thats rockets leaving, both, they exchanged them, said, thats what they do, said, hollie, let me take you further, hollie, said, thats, rockets striking, russia, there from nuclear n.a.t.o., said, hollie, thats rockets leaving, russia, Jesus, and, hollie, spkinkle, arise said Jesus, bear attacks n.a.t.o., thats there countries exploding, its france, said, hollie, exploded, there goes italy and australia, rockets leave them, thats russia on fire, thats, rockets leaving russia, thats, great britain burning, and four vanguard class, said, hollie, its, submarines, said, hollie, all with captain hollie, thats them firing, world shakes, hollie shows, submarines, all around america, thats russian submarine underneath ship, its traveling, said, hollie, thats lights all over the ocean, and, its, americas submarine detection system, thats, ship, with sub under, passing over, detection system, and submarine, clearly detected, thats one sub firing, explosion in california, hollie claps, this is cnn news said, hollie anchor man, then, both, american, coasts, lets git outta here, said, hollie, anchor man, thats, hollie hanging from rope, thats on copter, its flown by gabriel, thats explosion in, canada, then whole american center exploded, thats barack listening, with ear thing in said, hollie, typeing, thats minuteman 111 rockets lifting off, thats, some exploding right in silo, thats, russia burning, over 40 minuteman 111 strike russia, thats nuclear fires, thats captain hollie, in ohio class subs, thats, them showering russia with, its thermo nukes, said, hollie, tell the vision, said, Jesus, im uh vision I cant post, said hollie, with many hollie tap dancing, some, he hollies, bobby, look, said, hollie, showed, picture, its, vladimir putin, said hollie, she wasnt there all of, word, hollie, showed, record, tear up, hey, said, hollie, pointed, with amber colored finger, and restore, she, said, hey, said, hollie, that, was, the new world order, said, Jesus, it, appeared, said, hollie, in, picture, now lets see, said, hollie, showed, walk in basement, bobby, said, hollie, look, showed, popes drawing, theres hu hintao, there you have it, said, hollie, showed, walk, both beasts, let me, here about, the new world order, said, hollie, with, the crowd voice, tap dancing, thats, that o red and black chariot, pulled by, angry red and black horses, with, the, pope, and hu, thats putin, inside, with three ribs appearing, in, mouth, who are these, my Lord, said, hollie, theres cuba, on, one, nicaragua, and, mexico, now lets see, said, hollie, that, she, said, thats, hollie, putting in hard drive, and, copter, coming, with, hollie, lowered on rope, hi bobby, said, pilot gabriel, hollie, let down, easy, he, said, copter leaves, on chariot, looks inside, sees kim jong, theres putin, thats, pope, said, hollie, out of vladimir, thats nicaragua, and, mexican presidents, theres castrol, and, hintao, there you have it, said, hollie, wiht, chavez and lula, finising, out, the, eight, right now, said, hollie, lowered on rope, copter, flown, by, gabriel, showed, hey bobby, hes arch, Light, thats gabriel dressed like warrior, theres michael, pointed, hollie, im the clap dancers said, hollie, tap dancing, a whole line of hollies, that, is, hollie out of big fisher stereo woofer, hollie measures, its, seventeen inches, she, said, beats face, that, said, hollie, its, pioneer steam locomotive, she, showed, with, Father, as drive, whew, said, hollie, funnel blew, korea, said, Jesus, and he saw, said, casey, nuclear fire in korea, thats, rockets leaving north korea, hollie, points, its strike, she, said, russia, china, and, south korea, exploded, hollie, saw, the, leopard, flying, its, she, said, north and south korea, presidents, its hu and japan, said, hollie, clapped, leopard, hollie, showed, the, Norwegian Pearl, its cruise ship, n.c.l., thats bob preaching on, its hollie, showed, Norwegian cruise lines, hollie showed, star cruises, bob preaching on, hollie showed, cnbc, thats hollie ship busting, its hard work, she showed, pulled ship, its, Norwegian cruise lines, hollie, said, showed, they make as much as one million per cruise, thats cnbc reporter looking at, but, some cruises just barely brake even, hollie, said, hollie showed, youthology research institute, it, hollie thought, thats, nuclear explosion in brazil, its Jesus, said, hollie, and missiles leave their waters, hey said, hollie, and brazilian waters, thats nuclear fire in brazil, hollie points, america exploded, hollie got ready, thats, thats charlie sheen in jail, thats, where hes going, said, hollie, its for, hollie looked, at judge, gets probation, hey said, hollie, thats bear licking prophet, im with him, said, bear, grabbed putin, hollie claps, hollie showed, bull riding, those bulls love that, its, a, game to them, saith the Lord, thats bull riding, person reading, saying, Lord I love it, thats person in, staging area on bull, the bull thinks, fun, after door opened bull wants person off, when bull goes after rider, thats, what, God put in their hearts, to destroy, hollie like vampire, appears, hollie with, its, Jesus, hollie, said, showed, cut off, <P>Jesus himself causes his children to fall away after the got saved-received 6-7-2011-the HOly Ghost said this and does this but its worse: persecution is me Jesus trying to make my servants loose their salvation by many torments, i cause their face muscles to tighten when they use ruing appearance, desease their gums causing tooth loss, try to strip of their spouses and make them loose their money, caress penus with electricty, causing body to heat up like a furnace, putting boils on face, laughing at them in vision fir its i the Lord persecute,