bible prophecy for now

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and prophetic visions and the ministering spirits described: 3-23-2009-bobby, said, hollie, sh, dont tell on, sh, she said, them, they are, hollie showed, cut off, its H.B. London and Neil B. Wiseman, neil, said, hollie, is not wise, but, claims like h.b. london, both, witchs, said, hollie, thats dr. james dobson pocketing, smiling, lucre, church, offerings, tithes, he, I made you look at, said, Jesus, thats james dobson terbling, with uh smile on his face, but, knows, thats james dobson showing cut off, im lost, he said, but, st ill preaches like his reverend dr. jeremy taylor u.u. said hollie who stole, ministry of dreams, hey neil, said rev. jeremy taylor, showed cut off, looks at, trembles, its him said m.a. jeremy taylor phd, wants christian ruint, thats kathy taylor and tristy taylor both shaking yes, tristy taylor m.a. shows cut off, masterbates, thats here, and gina rose halpern, trembling, looking at, thats rev. jeremy taylor d.min masterbating, running down hands, thats student at wisdom university showing dr. jim garrison, yeah I see said rev. jim garrison, protects, but lets student be charged amazingly to be taught be ordained unitarian universalist minister jeremy taylor who is suppost to be blameless, students want thier money back, get out of here, sh, said jim garrison, does, dont saith the LOrd, tell on s.t.d. jeremy taylor who is on the board of the atlanta jung society, thats Don Huntley of The CG Jung Society of Atlanta showing cut off, sees, made you look at said hollie, its him said Don Huntley, his reverend jeremy taylor u.u., both witchs, said, Jesus, put it under, they are both, thats them showing cut off, hollie appears, hollie showed, record, bobby, said, hollie, and I showed you that, she said, popes picture, bob, said, hollie, showed, the, popes picture, tear up, go to top, tada, look, that is, hu hintao, on, that, red, horse, said, hollie, china strikes taiwan, hand snaps fingers, taiwan burns, there, said, hollie, like cat, then silhouette cat, from behind, she said, hollie snapped fingers, israel exploded, hollie pointed, hollie showed, record, theres that submarine, sorry, said, hollie, waved, its, akula, agin, hollie, said, fired, missiles, struck nuclear n.a.t.o., exploded, hollie showed, record, thats her in submarine, sub looks, angers, theres uh submarine right there, said, hollie, surfaced, its akula agin, she said, bobby, dont do it, said, hollie, thats dr. rev. jeremy taylor u.u. said hollie, when you want uh deal, she said, he does said kathryn taylor, thats rev. jeremy taylor who is jung said hollie wanting bob to clear his name off the internet then he claims he will remove what he stole the God spoken ministry of dreams said hollie and JEsus, now hear the word of the LOrd, said, Jesus, thats reverend jeremy taylor d.min shrugging, no deal, bob said, steal ministry of dreams and be ruint and remove any way, thats jonah weiland weeping like his, alright said jonah, weiland with duncan rouleaus voice, they are, same, both, ruint, fired missiles, and, look, who, it, struck, she said, france exploded, there goes britain, italy, thats gordon brown pressing nuclear button, america, australia, exploded, hollie surfaces in submarine, many, fired missiles, thats, look who it struck, hollie, said, russia exploded, its uh end time story, said, hollie, no, said, hollie, thats jan, vanover, putting bob out of church, cause, he showed, cut off, now look, she said, this is hollie with that o loose belt sumb, s,o,m,e, hollie said, hollie showed, bottle of valvoline maxlife sythetic blend motor oil, its sae 10w-30, its, better then some, this is warning, said, hollie, please, said, medvedev, dont tempt, let me, said, hollie, record, bob, said, hollie, showed, the book ministry of dreams, they publish, but, will, sell big,

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