this is sometimes 10 give or take torments going on at same time, Jesus does some, most

robert hickman tells how Jesus treats after He comes inside like a body your perfect size, just like JOB, just tap on video with your mouse, my voice and lips dont match here, so, enjoy knowing what Jesus is like after he comes in, while Jesus tortures I see him in visions laughing at me, and saying and yelling things like, 'I got you", "backslide", and Jesus told me I was perfect, ------




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 greetings in Jesus name! prayforbob: I want to say first, when Jesus came inside me, It was like a body my perfect size coming in, if you dont recognize Jesus speaking like this, its fellowship of the Father, and what this is is prophesying and that is hearing Gods voice and seeing visions of Jesus all the time and seeing ministering spirits, and telling what they tell, thats how the whole new testament was written....9-28-2009-im going to make you perish after I save you to laugh at you, 5-7-2009-im calling you the biggest fool on the planet, now, cause over 4 years ive all day and night tried to strip you of your salvation, persecuting you to openly mock, its for no reason, other then, pleasure, to laugh at you, after you sacrificed all then perish anyway, its cause I the Lord hate, not love, cause, people, dont want me enough to cut their hands off if I ask them and I would not do it myself, case closed, said, Jesus, I offend my people all day, to hurt, torture, maime very few will make heaven their home, only those that were not married make it, but not all, saith Jesus, i tell you bob hickman fast until death, and maybe ill have mercy, but ill love laughing at people despising your skinny frame, you can not do nothing against me cause am able to put you in hellfire right now and you are serving me, until you go out into the world and be embarrased I will not torturing, wounding your heart, this is how I abase, I do it to all my children to keep them under my feet, very few would come back,<BR> pray for me on 12-18-2007, I saw Jesus in a vision, and he yelled, "got you". I remember about late november, early december pulling up to redlight and stopping, and the it was green, so I pulled out, and then I saw it red again, so I stopped, and I was in the intersection when I stopped, if car was coming, direct hit on my door, and it was a red light camera

because I know JEsus and what he is like God prophesies my death-visions received 12-18-2010-I saw Jesus in a vision and I heard something like this: "now bob what i'm saying is I can not let ya live and you know me". Jesus speaks this: 12-18-2010-bob my heart is to torment and destroy you and laugh at you, untill you, pointed myself, go back to the world, let me abase, saith God, or I wont let off, and you will die soon, saith God, hear me, saith the King, I want you abased, one way or another, to, mock you, and, laugh at you, while you are, embarrased, cause I drove you away, and people mocked you, keep falling, you are trembling cause I will not let you stand without messing with you, its for I prod, torture to death my servant saith God, I will kill you all day, it looks like untill that, said Jesus, thats God Almighty looking at, its looking bob in his coffin, you wont last another, hollie looked at God, for word, one month, cause your heart is starting to collapse, and Its cause I keep hitting you, its to laugh, you see said Jesus, you are nothing to me but something I mock while you try to stay saved,

-Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 8-26-2010-its, the cavs, said, hollie, bobby, she, said, as she, dribbled, its basketball, they she, said, wont pay, to get, thats, the, cleveland caviliers, owner, laughing, we want, he, said, full stadium, it, appeared, hollie said, full, lets git bobby, said, owner, here, bob, would love, to, come, there, thats bob, at, arena, cheering, on, its, the cavs, hollie said, put it under, she, said, I am waiting, said, Jesus, appearing, you know my mercy, God, said, its, still, there, but, I dont hold, tall people accountable, heres, why, they, despise, little, people, and, cant bare, being, around, them, saith God, put it under, said, hollie, thats, hollie putting on her plad coat, going to, its, new wineskin's, she, said, ministries, go, thats, hollie leaving, 12-17-2010-denon, said, hollie, it uh, said, another, God said, the denon 75 arv, its uh excellent one, hollie said, that is, said, happy hollie, its the, statue of liberty, sitting its berth, hollie said, and, its, she said, the woman you saw over all the earth, hollie said, partial face comes out, shows, its, o, she, said, thats statue of liberty coming out of, its, america, hollie said, I will threaten, said, the woman, that, she said, thats, putin, and, medvedev, let them ponder, God, said, thats nuclear missile strike, its on, moscow, exploded, but, both american coasts burn, thats, hollie, being raised out of, its destruction by pilot gabriel and his chinook, its uh twin bladder, hollie said, he hollie shows, spinning blades, hollie pointed, turn, what kind of visions do you want, said, it, hollie, said, another, hollie, tear up, she said, put back, rip, its, she said, pope appeared in center of hands, he hollie comes out, smiling, looks at, hollie screamin for, screamed, hollie showed, its realistic tape recorder, its mini, take care of said, hollie, thats hand showing you did not want hollie showed, theres him in, palm, he came out, tada, he said, showed, its, popes image on finger, take it, said, its, its after missile attack hollie said, its on that, she said, russia with missile strikes, exploded, its only one sixth left, hollie said, but thats putin arising, I will destroy that, I will rise, putin, said, whew, whew, said, its train, showed, hollie, old steam engine and serious looking Father driving, it has many cars, hollie said, theres pope she said, out of one, hu hintao sits on other, you see these two, right here, hollie said, they will want to rule the world, hollie said, lets rule the world, said, it, putin, a silhouette face partial face hollie pointed, thats pope, drinking, his drink, in, the, fire, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, but its the wrong way, she said, but its him, she said, showed, turn other, way, hollie showed, do, thats hand agin, showing, you did not need him, she said, its hollie showed, but different, hollie appeared, bobby walk, said, hollie, its that, hollie said, layfayette square mall, its good, hollie said, eat, prophet look at me, said, its, him, said, a she hollie, hollie showed, its picture, pope, he made me, said, him, said, uh she hollie sitting at, its Gods interviewing table, hollie stamps, scene spins, partial face comes out, hollies body not there, but, was, dimly seen, she looking suprised, partial face, points, at, its, the white in her mouth, taiwan done it, said, it hollie, said, another, she hollie, thats, him clapping, and, partial face comes out, points, two lighted fingers, hollie rides its spacesoarem jet, drops two bombs, its into taiwan, exploded, now its you lure, said, yeltsin to hintao, hollie said, hintao shakes, yes, thats hu hintao battling, its washington state, said, him, said, uh hidden she hollie, but a hollie dimly appeared, she wore skirt, looked stunned, thats hintao on red horse, battling washington state, its agin, said, hollie, thats bob having sex, again, tonite, hollie said, it, wont be your last, he said, you will marry, thats bob marrying woman, hollie fights back with light sword, hintaos sword now blue, Jesus said, thats hollie like round face, its, mostly silhouette, God said, flying out, in, its old german luftwaffe fighter jet, from world war two, hollie stamps, scene spins, thats hitting ship, its repelled hollie said, hollie showed, thru, but hollie says, yes, showed, away, partial face comes out, points, hollie, bob hollie showed, do, thats him happy, its making love, a she hollie said, but, partial face comes out, he still had his pants on, but, wiener out, its zipper, let me explain, said, it, hollie, partial face, showed, its the Godfather, of soul, james brown, in preachers, clothes, he walks backwards, but looks like going forward, forward to the back said dan quayle, its hollie said, appeared, but then disappeared, like this, watch, it'll take some getting use to hollie said, him, partial face, said, hollie showed, buying the food for, its twenty dollars, hand showed, agin, you did not want hollie showed, but a transformed hollie showed, appeared, thats, its, pope coming out of wind, theres hu hintao like warrior, thats japanese emperor, hollie said, its slashed, idol pope, hollie and God said, theres your three kings hollie said, thats hollie with the stun gun, it works, she said, they are, 49.95 hollie said, hollie with JEsus inside, didnt show record, another, hollie slapped, thats, its pope coming toward her, theres hu hintao, lets rule the world, said, it putin, three ribs appear in his mouth, bobby who are these, hollie said, theres, cuba, thats submarine appearing in cuban waters, hollie like, round head, new hollie with dark like hat on fires, missile, but, theres three fires in cuba, america exploded, its near that hollie said, thats texas with nuclear fire, and missiles left america striking, its venezuela and brazil exploding, nicaragua burned, hey i'll place it said, hollie, fires in mexico and latin american borders, she said, dont, said, hollie, jumping, wearing, its uh white robe, hollie said, hollie pointed turn, long lighted finger, its red she said, hollie screamin for, byron trembled, but excited, hollie, its him, said uh she hollie, showed, lay down, he snapped fingers, had electric blanket on, was warm, 12-17-18-2010-thats pope out of, its wind, hollie said, dressed like warrior, thats hu hintao, like fighter, hollie points, theres empy, she said, its, emperor of, japanese emperor hollie said, out of, its wind, hollie said, hollie showed, bob relax, just give it time, she said, ron prayed, quit it, bobby, said, it hollie, him, said, uh she hollie, thats hollie showing, that, its little realistic mini tape recorder, bob take care of, it, hollie said, thats, beast, pope, said, uh she hollie, running out, I am God, he said, hollie showed, eat candy, it was, him, a she hollie said, thats hollie, its, lootin, she said, she, was, right, there with, wearing, its uh red plad coat, but hollie disappeared, then, round head appeared, bluish, hollie showed, turn, bob, buy two of'em, hollie said, showed, two fingers, its walmart straight talk cards, thats gabriel in the headlines, prophet u.s.a. was headline, this is website, lets post, said, it, hollie, said, him, said, partial face, thats, angel, happy, thats many ministry of dreams website appearing, partial face covered mouth, its, o, she, said, there deformed, all had something awrong with face, one not happy, looked down, but back up, then back down, hollie clapped hands, its, him, she said, its, boo chanted many he hollies, theres a she hollie in, lighted, hollie rode the spacesoarem jet, its uh raptor, he said, flew, thats radar, detection screen and towers, same hollie watches radar and raptor flys by, heres what happens, every once in uhwhile, blitches light up, but, they are scattered hollie said, thats hollie in, its f-117 stealth fighter jet, its, same radar, lights, flipping on and off, but scattered, they are, its, vitually undetectable hollie said, hollie dropped two bombs, its into that, taiwan burned, a she hollie and God said, same pilot hollie watches spacefightem jet, come out of, its, chinese sea, thats hu hintao battling, its washington state, said, hollie, scene spins, now its o, said, partial face, came out, hollies hand lit brightly, but rest of body not seen, but she was there, dimly, and overweight, you see said, partial face, hollie gained weight like God said, but took all back off, thats it, said, hollie, another, hollie comes out, wearing dress, showed, but face changed, hand showed, you did not want hollie showed, theres a he hollie in pointed a she hollie, with long lighted finger, partial face puts hand over mouth, its o, she said, hollie wasnt seen but dimly appeared, she wore skirt, had no expression, spacesoarem jet, said, hollie, showed, took care of, bob uh new one, hollie said, its, tape recorder, I tell you why om screamin for, hollie said, screamed again, showed, eat bubu luba, its candy, its good hollie showed, this is warning, its good but it will not last, that long, its hollie showed, voice recorder, give warning, said, it, Jesus, hollie said, thats, the, marine corp. out in the streets, its arch angel gabriel, he showed, his light hands, face, dimmed, partial face comes out, its, o, she said, gabriels face changed, hollie like dot head lit bluish, pulled on gabriels pant legg, thats looting, hollie was with, having fun, she wore plad coat but didnt steal, but they did, its, right near the end, hollie said, here in, its america, hollie showed, turn, lighted, hollie, this is, warning, said, she hollie, hollie showed, its, taiwan, thats the start of it, she, said, but, he showed, bob eat, said, its, said, hollie, God, showed, eating, thats like light globe, hollie comes out, explains, its on stand, hollie said, thats, its, spacesoarem rocket, hollie said, flying above, drops bombs, hollie claps, hands, thats america exploding, its near that, he said, center, pointed, lighted finger, its o said partial face, hand over mouth, hollie disappeared, but hand still seen, submarines all around america, both coasts, burn, hollie showed, record, its, o, said, partial face coming out, hand over mouth, its him, she said, but, disappeared herself God said, hollie did the auction bid, when you gonna record, me, said, hollie, its, him, said, uh she hollie, let me, observe, thats hollie making love, its to girl, she wants, thats ring on her finger, with, hollie in, he explains, she wants but not you, this is, warning, said, it hollie and new hollie appears, hollie showed, lay down,

>(-6)america will burn visions received 11-2-2005 God has showed me the statue of liberty, and I only saw the top part, and the rest was consumed in flames, and russian president vladimir putin said, when the statue of liberty was created and broght here, thats why God's condition for judgement was met in the 1800's and thats the reason God turned away from america and eventually the united states will be destroyed.
(-5)nuclear destruction to a city-vision received 11-1-2005-God showed me a city, that I was in, and I don't know where I was, but, I could see way off in the distance a big nuclear fireball, and I received this vision: I saw hollie and she said, all this in one day, and kristina said, it, and hollie said, will burn, judge, and kristina said, ment to Indian, and kristina said, apolis is pronounced
(-4)the west coast destroyed by many nuclear explosions-vision received 10-31-2005-God showed me the west coast of america, and it was like an animated map, and I saw a string of many nuclear exposions the went from the bottom to the top, and there were many, and the explosions were tremendous in size.
(-3)nuclear destruction to washington d.c.-vision received 10-22-2005-God showed me the back a a penney, and I could see the white house, and behind the white house there was a big nuclear fireball.
(-2)nuclear destruction to indianapolis-vision received 10-22-2005-God showed me a big nuclear fireball and I felt like I was in indianapolis, and I may have been downtown, and the nuclear explosion that went into the sky may have happened somewhere near downtown. Praise Jesus for warnig us what is coming!
(-1)submarines rising around america's coast-vision received 10-22-2005-God showed me a spirit that looked putin and he said some things, and I saw what I felt was one or possibly both amrerican coasts, and I saw submarines rising up out of the water. This is attack will occur when you least expect it.

(-0)Indianapolis will be destroyed-vision recieved 8-14-2005-I was at heavenly life apostolic tabernacle and the childrens choir was singing and all of a sudden it was like I was outside possibly of the Church and I may have been looking toward downtown Indianapolis and I saw a big nuclear explosion that looked like a mushroom shaped fireball. The fire went higher than you can imagine, mayb as far as a mile or two in the sky.

(0)nuclear destruction-vision received 1-30-2005-in this vision, it's like I'm underwater, and I can see the front part of a submarine, and missile or missile's are fired out of it. Next, I can see part one one city, and I beleive it was at night, and it exploded into complete fire from the missile. Then I'm in another area, and it exploded into fire from another nuclear weapon.

(ob)visions of coming judgement to america-visions recieved 11-28-2003-in the first vision, what I saw was an animated map of about the western three quarters of america, and the ocean. From top to bottom along the west coast and about the midway point of america, I saw dark stripes from top to bottom. In the second vision, I saw the east coast, and it had a dark stripe from top to bottom, and I was asking God what this meant, and I heard these words:"this represents fire" and a moment later, I heard this, "from the ocean". RUSSIAN ballistic missile submarines are prowling the oceans right now.

(0c)Indiana under attack-vision received 10-31-2004-in this vision, I'm in Indianapolis, and it is dark, and my brother is there. There was a nuclear explosion to the west, and I felt in my heart it was Plainfield, Indiana, and the sky seemed to just stay the bright yellow color of fire, which went into the atmosphere above Plainfield, and I want to get in the car and run, but, I know I could not go to downtown Indianapolis, because I knew the city was going to be nuked. I remember seeing a missile climbing into the sky, and I seemed to feel that this was an american nuclear missile, and it was heading for russia. Then Indianapolis was nuked, and redish color fire just hovered high above the city, and blanketed the whole city, and went into the atmosphere. I remember calling for my brother, because I want to leave, and he walks somewhere. I did not see the explosions either time, and unless you are watching right when the missile explodes, you won't, but, what I did see terrified me. I'm wanting to seek safety.

(1a)nuclear destruction-visions received 7-23-2005-In a vision, I saw possibly a city and it was a clear day, and there was like a mushroome cloud those rose into the heavens. I did not write it down just then, but, I received another vision where Somebody asked me about what I saw and I said something like, "it looked like a nuclear explosion".

(1)attack on a city-vision received 11-29-2004-in this vision, I saw a city and it was at night time, and there were skyscrapers and they had their lights on. Then I saw a missile come in and hit one of the skyscrapers, and explode, and the building was hidden behind the massive fireball. I don't know if this was a small nuclear weapon or not, but, I don't know is a conventional weapon is capable of a explosion like that. Then I saw another missile coming into the city. It seems like I heard jets, but, I don't remember seeing any.

(1b)nuclear explosions-visions received 4-9-2005-in the first vision, I saw a nuclear explosion in a city. The fire rose from the ground like the sun rising and was the color of the sun. In the next vision, I was standing by the banks of white river and could see downtown Indianapolis, and all of a sudden, there was a nuclear explosion in it that probably engulfed the whole city in fire. It looked similar to the color of the sun, and seemed to come up from the ground like the sun rising. This was on a nice day and there was no notice.

(2)Indianapolis hit by nuclear missile-vision recieved about 1997. On this sunday, I prayed and hour, and went to church, got home and prayed another hour, and laid down. After I did, the Lord gave me two visions, where I saw Indianapolis being nuked. In one of the visions, I saw two nuclear explosions in Indianapolis, it was a multiple warhead nuclear missile, and it is coming from Russia-the first exploded about downtown and reached all the way to about a mile from the Indy 500 race track, which is about 5 miles away. It coated the groud with fire like molten steel coming out of the furnace going down the line and I could feel the searing heat coming from it, and it sounded like a car going over the cliff in the movies as it raced toward me, popping, crunching, and grinding noise. Then a second went off high in the air behind me and I turned and saw it flashing thru the smoke. This was over abot the top of the indy 500 race track, and I knew this one was going to to take me out, so I asked God a question and he answered me and the vison ended.
(3)chicago will burn-vision received about the summer of 98-I sat outside on my pastors porch and we talked for about six hours and he went inside for a while and I was given a vision from the Lord Jesus. In it, I was on the banks of Lake michigan in Indiana and could see chicago off in the distance with it's towering skyscrapers and it was day time and a clear day. I see a missile streak into the city and explode. It was like going into a dark room and turning the light on. That's how quick the city was hidden behind the fire. I never told my pastor the vision, or the church we went to.

(3b)alaska attacked-vision recieved 4-21-2004-in this vision, I saw these words, "it will start with alaska". Later I heard and or saw "ALASKA", and said, "what about alaska, then I saw the president of russia in a vision, and he said, "hit it", which means "attack". I was also thinking on usama bin laden having nuclear weapons, and I saw someone who looked like usama bin laden in a vision, and he said, "we do". When I finally was getting up, I heard these words, "its starting", then I saw me in a vision, and I said, "let it start". It would be easy for russia to take oil rich alaska.

(4)Judgement to america, prepare now to meet your maker, for when you think not-In this vision, I was outside and it was at night time and a man pointed to the sky and I looked up and saw three nuclear missiles going to their targets. THey were so high that I only saw like flashing indented lights surrounding the missile, but, I was made aware of what they were, and I become afraid because I know the country is being attacked. Then I see the one that is going to take indianapolis out and it was flying very low, and it was like it was searching for it's target. I start running and I'm looking for a payphone very desparately because I want to call my mom and tell her I love her and I run and run and finally find one and dial the number and then the vision ends(do what you have to do now, because the day is coming when you will not be able to)

(4b)nuclear explosion in a city-vision received 5-30-2005-In this vision, I'm in like a field and I'm walking up possibly a hill, and the sky was beautiful and it was a pretty day, and there may have may have been power lines and a tower there that they run on, and I saw a nuclear explosion way off in the distance. Looking up at the sky from being on the hill, but, not at the top of it, I could see the fire that rose like a big cloud in the sky. Judgement will come to america.

(5)nuclear ruin brought on kansas-In this vision in November of 2002, I was high above the ground in the Kansas area and the ground had a dark brown color to it and the surrounding states were separated by black borderlines and the state of Kansas instantly exploded into a big fireball that completely engulfed the state in about a second and then God spoke to me and said, "Kansas will burn".
(6)Kansas burns -visions received 11-22-2004-in this vision, It was like I was on one of my angelfire page, and the background is red, and I the page was moving up, and when it finally stopped, it stopped on a vision name KANSAS. I could see the name KANSAS, and it was like it had been burned and was a little hard to make out, but, I could. I was praying and asking Jesus, and I heard, "kansas", and I was asking Jesus about kansas, and I saw a man in a vision, that seemed to be dressed in overhalls like a famer would wear, but, I'm not sure it was overhalls, and His face seemed to be all white like an angel, and He said, "It got hit by a nuclear missile.

(6b)judgment to america-vision received 1-12-2005-in this vision, I saw a man with brown hair and beard and He said, "the United States is going to burn".

(7a)the sun and the moon will be blocked out for 16 hours from america burning-visions received 3-31-2005-in visions, and Jesus had to give me some more than once, I head while praying something like, "the sun and the moon", and I saw a man in a vision and he said, "be darkened", and then I may have seen me in a vision and I said, "you know whats causing it", and I saw the man again and he said, "nuclear explosion", and I saw me again and I said, "who got nuked", and I saw a man and he said, "the united states".
(7b)China attacking Taiwan-vision recieved about march of 2003-I asked God for years to show me what China would do to draw America into war and in a vision God gave me, I saw the president of China and He said, "we will grab Taiwan".

(7c)destruction to lousiville, usa-vision recieved 6-27-2005-In this vision, I'm several thousand feet in the air, and it is at night, and I could see a downtown, and in my heart, I felt it was lousiville, kentucky, and there was a nuclear explosion. The fire was still spreading when the vision ended. The fire went far above the skyscrapers and was starting to engulf the whole city.

(8)china attacking united states- vision recieved about september of 2002- I saw China attacking America on one of its costal states. I felt in the vision that this was the state of Washington. World war 2 era America planes would go out to sea to fight back. I don't know or remember what the chinese troops showed up in.

(8b)nuclear explosion in Indianapolis-vision received 5-2-2005-In this vision while praying, I saw the dark sky where I live and there was an explosion high in the air. I knew this was nuclear, and from what I have seen, some or all nuclear weapons have an explosion before the big bang.

(9) The russians are coming- In this vision,I am with Bill Clinton and I am telling him as I grab his arm and shake it, "the Russians are coming", "the russians" are coming, and he shakes me off and keeps walking and the look in his face tells me that he does not believe me and that this is the most stupid thing he has ever heard. And I catch him again and do the same thing all over again and he does the same thing all over again.
(10)Indianapolis bombed - In this vision, I am in the car with my mom, and we are in the car and we are downtown indianapolis, and it is being bombed hard and I remember looking at my my mom and there was a tear going down her cheek.
(10b)russia will attack alaska first-visions recieved 7-2-2005-In visions, I saw a prophetess whose name is hollie and she said things like, "hit alaska first", "it will start with alaska".

(11)Indianapolis being attacked - In this vision, I am walking in downtown Indianapolis, and it is a nice day, and I have my sweetshirt on and the leaves are on the trees, and I'm either praying to Jesus or to myself, and I look up into the blue sky and see a cruise missile that was fying low and slow to it's target and it is so low that I can make out details on it which I believe were russian letter, and I began to run and get inside this like shelter which was made of cement, and the missile explodes and the ground starts shaking vioently and keeps getting worse, and building I am in actually starts coming apart, so I run outside to keep from getting hit by cement that is falling out of the cieling, and look downtown and it is still there.
(11b)eight nations will rise and destroy america-vision received 11-1-2004-while praying, I named off 8 nations that Jesus showed me will destroy america. Russia, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, North Korea, Venezuela, and Brazil, and after I named them, I saw a man in a vision and HE said, 'those are the ones".

(12) America in the bible-vision recieved 3-18-2003-while praying, in a vision, I saw America all by its self, and the flag was on the inside of it, and coming out from like the middle of the nation was the statue of liberty.
(12b)Usa invaded-vision received 2-24-2005-in this vision, I saw these words appear one at a time, "Invasion: U.S. invaded". In another vision, I heard and maybe even saw a man say, "it's already planned".

(13) The sneak russian attack-vision recieved about march of 2003-In this vision, I was inside my home, and all of a sudden, on the outside, I heard explosions, and jets attacking, and in the vision, I'm fully aware that russia is attacking, and I was shocked and caught by total suprise, and I'm running up the steps and just wondering in my heart where America's defence, cause there was nothing to withstand, and I get into the attack in total panick, and I lay by the window and hold the window in, cuse its trying to blow out by the explosions out side, and it was dark. Please be ready for this, it will catch lot's of people off guard.
(14A)nuclear explosion-vision received 8-13-2005-In this vision, I was at the airport and it was like I may have been standing on the runway and it was day time and a clear day and way off in the distance, I saw a big nuclear explosion. It turned into a big mushroom shaped fireball that kept going. This may have been in Indianapolis.

(14b)China and America at war-this vision was spiritual, and I was full aware of what was going on. In it, I saw a field, and it was dark, and I saw a tractor, way out in the field, and the tractor shot something like a bullet, and fire spewed out of it. Then I saw an America Jet starting to take off.(in this vision, I was aware America and China were at war, and they were her. I didn't sleep much after that that night for the fear I felt.

(15)In this vision recieved about march of 2003, I saw these words in neon yellow, "Chinese attack". I now know from more visions from Jesus that China will attack america, taiwan, and russia, and ultimately force russia to lead the way to the invasion of Israel, which is the "battle of armageddon".
(16a)visions of coming judgement-vision recieved about 6-2005-In this vision, I saw the words, "visions of coming judgement".

(16)America is number one-vision recieved 3-23-2003-while praying, I asked God to give me a vision for the website and this is what God gave me. I saw president Bush, and he said,"America is number one". Pride is one of the big reasons this nation will burn.

(17)San Francisco will burn-vision recieved 4-2-2003-In this vision, I saw the golden gate bridge, and I knew this was San Francisco, and I saw a huge nuclear explosion that just kept going.

(18)"warn people"-I often ask God what He wants me to do. In a vision from God, I was inside this church, and the service ended, and I ran out of the church. Then I remembered I left something inside the, Dumitru's Dudumans book, thru the fire without burning, and went back inside to get the book. While I was inside, I got the book, and starting telling people what is coming. Then God spoke to me and said, "warn people"

(19)Chicago will burn-I asked God what was coming to Chicago and he spoke to me and said Chicago will burn and in the vision I had I saw the sears tower, which I think is black and on the other side Jesus was coming and there was light that got brighter and brighter and it Got so bright that it actually shined right thru the tower, all of it you could see was the skeleton.

(20) Judgement to Plainfield, Indiana- In this vision in June of 2002, I am driving my car on Perry Road in Plainfield, Indiana, and it is dark and raining and I am going to Walmart. All of a sudden , I hear a big explosion, and the sky turns into fire. I don' know what I was thinking as I was driving before i saw that, but after I did, I felt like sinking in my car seat, and I went on to Walmart with a changed attitude.
(21) Judgment to America, get ready now!! My neighbor and her church was having a cookout and i was invited and i decided to give that time to God and in the vision I had while praying, I saw flashing thru the basement windows and I knew the attack had begun and i am running up the base ment stairs and i am afraid in the vision becase i did not feel i was ready to Go back with Jesus(get ready, and stay ready)

(22)Warn people(this is my calling)- In this vision,I sand leading up to the edge of a town and it was dark and there were some houses in the town which had there lights on and from like the middle of the town, i saw three fireballs shoot high into the sky and by the time they got into the sky, there was a big nuclear explosion and the fireball just kept going and then the Spirit Of God carried me back and said, Warn people.

(23)Warn people- In this vision i saw written on a yellow piece of paper, "give them warning from me".
(24)Vision of the end day message-recieved about February of 2003-In this vision, I am in a grocery store, and I see two ladies I used to go to church with, and I approach them, and start talking to one, and she said some things back, and what I told her is what was coming.(in this vision, God was putting other visions He gave me together)I told her the next major event you will see is that war firing up again in Iraq. You will see Iraq shoot nuclear wapons into Israel. If you want the scipture for it read EZEKIEL 7 where he prophesied and end is come and He is talking about to the land of Israel, and he is prophesying it from captivity in babylon. He is talking about another time. Then you will see Israel fire back and elimainate Iraq, and our gas prices soar over this. After this you will see China do something to deliberatey draw America into war, and when we go, Russia will attack us from the oceans, from Cuba, niacaragua, mexico, airplanes.(shortend)(God has given me this vision three times now, and in one of the times, Korea was also named)
(25)The huge black bear rising-vision recieved 3-23-2003-while praying, I saw this huge black bear rising out of the ground. It was only about half way out, and it was as tall as a builing. This bear is rising in Russia, and that nation is being stirred and angered, and it will not be long before that nation rises and destroys America.

(26)He's your man-vision recieved about February of 2003-I saw Russian president Putin, and God spoke to me and said, "he's your man"(you better stay close to God, cause it's time for this attack)

(27)Russia will attack America-vison recieved twice on 3-8-2003-In a vision, I was witnessing to a girl and telling her exactly what God has showed me. Here is what I said, " Russia will attack America from Cuba, nicaragu, Mexico.

(28)Russia will attack America-vison recieved twice on 3-8-2003-In a vision, I was witnessing to a girl and telling her exactly what God has showed me. Here is what I said, " Russia will attack America from Cuba, nicaragua, Mexico.

(29)The Great War-visions recieved 2-20-2003 at about 12 noon indianapolis time-While praying I saw these words in a vision "The Great War". I was asking God who was involved in this great war, and I said to God, is this when Russia, China, Cuba. Nicaragua, Mexico, and Korea attack America? Then In a vision, I saw this mouth and it said, "yes Bob"

(30) nuclear vacation-vision recieved 5-5-2003-in this vision, I was at the edge of a body of water, in the woods, a beautiful place to camp, or fish. To my left I saw a where a huge nuclear explosion occured. The smoke went up into the heaven's. (this is how it will be when Russia attacks America. No warning.

(31)the angry dragon-in this vision while praying, I saw this dragon, and he was inside of a cage, and there were people all around the cage looking in. The dragon appeared to be very upset, angry, impatient. This dragon represents China, and all that is keeping China from attacking is the prayer of the saints.

(32)Grizzly bear in panda's clothing-vision recieved this vision while praying, I saw a bear walking. It was very big, like a grizzly bear. This bear had the fur of a panda bear...the bear represents Russia. This bear being in a panda's bears skin, which is a harmless bear, means right now Russia appears harmless, and like they like America. But, that is still a bear, which is viscous, and a destroyer. That nation has one of the biggest nuclear arsenals on the planet, and when the time comes, Russia will destroy America.

(33)Russia will attack America-vision recieved 9-26-2003-(memory)In this vision, I am on this large ship, and the captain notices a small Russian sub, and turns the ship, and blocks the sub. We board the sub, and I start talking with one of the sailors on it, who shows me this like window in the sub, and lets me know that when it is done, ships won't be able to push it around anymore. I start to to tell him about what Jesus has showed me. I told God has showed me in visions that Russia will attack America from the oceans, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, airplane. It was like he argued with me and did not believe it.(God will give all the nations coming against America one mind when the time comes)

(34)my testimony-vision recieved 10-8-2003-I don't remember everything, but, In this vision, I was inside a buisness talking with the clerk. I was sharing with her some visions Jesus gave me. I told her, "you will see Iraq shoot nuclear weapons into Israel, and a chunk (gaza) of Israel will be destroyed. Then you will see Israel fire back and Eliminate Iraq. If you want the scripture for it read EZEKIEL 7 where he prophesied, "the end has come" and he was talking about Israel, and he prophesied it from captivity in BABYLON. After that you will see America and China go to war, and God has already showed me in visions what China will do to draw America into war, and when we go, Russia will attack America from the oceans, from out of Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico. Her eyes kept widening as I was telling her this.

(35)Russian president -vision recieved in 10-2003-God gave me this vision twice. I saw Russian president, and he said, "I am going to pulverize you"-I just saw him again in a vision, and he cursed God's name.

(36)we will attack you-vision recieved 10-27-2003-In this vision while walking and praying, I saw Russian president, and he said, "we will attack you".
(37) The angel with the trumpet-vision recieved 10-28-2003-In this vision while praying, I saw an angel on like the top of an old castle where there are notches you fire arrows out of. He was wearing a white robe, with red trim on it, and he had a trumpet in his mouth.(its time for war, and the second coming of Jesus) (38)the Eagle cries-vision recieved 11-13-2003-In this vision, I saw the head of a big eagle, and there was a tear in his eye that disappeared.(it is so sad to see America rapidly waste away, and falling quickly heading to judgement)

(39)when America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning-vision recieved 11-20-2003-I was in a Speedway gas station, and witnessing to a girl, and I told her something like, "China and Taiwan are into it. When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning", which is what God showed me, and exactly what the angel Gabriel spoke to Dumitru Duduman. As I am walking out of the station, I see the other employee which overheard some or all of the conversation in a vision, and she said, "that's right".
(40)my calling-vision recieved 12-7-2003-while praying, I saw these words, "my calling, "warn people", written in blue letters.
(41)war between Usa and China approaches-vision recieved 12-10-2003-while praying, I was talking to Jesus. I don't remeber word for word what I said, but was talking about president Bush's threat to help Taiwan in the event of war with China, and in a vision, I saw president Bush, and he said, "we will"(its brewing) (42)chicago destroyed by a nuclear missile-vision recieved 12-17-2003-in this vision, I am telling somebody about the vision Jesus gave me where I was sitting on the banks of lake Michigan, and could see Chicago, and saw a missile streak in and boom, exploded and the city was gone that quick(memory)

(42)time is running out-on 12-22-2003-I awakened to these words, "it's almost time".
(43)the suprise violent storm-vision recieved 12-30-2003-in this vision, I am sitting out on my porch, and all of a sudden the sky turns very dark from storm clouds and violent lightening. The wind was blowing so hard, and sounded like wild animals screaming. I ran to the front door to go in the house, because I was afraid of getting struck by lightening, but, then turned back around and prayed to Jesus. At first I was crying out to Jesus, and then I noticed something. My voice replaced the sound the storm was making in the atmosphere, and I changed my message and said something like: America you need to fal on your face and repent of your sins and cry out to God for His mercy. You are dieing the death. You are about to suffer a nuclear strike from Russia.(it won't be long till Jesus uses Russia, and other nations to carry out judgement on America. Now is the time to get saved. Like the suprise storm, you will not have time when it comes to pass)(radio? t.v.?)
(44)Indianapolis destroyed by a nuclear missile-vision recieved 1-1-2004-in this vision, I was riding my bike, and went to a strip mall to visit a Radio Shack, which was closed. I looked out in the parking lot, and saw some Radio Shack stero equimpment and things on a table, so I go there, and there was a girl there, and I spoke with her, and I am going mostly by memory, "Back in 97, one of the visions God gave me was I saw two nuclear explosions in the city of Indianapolis. It was a multiple warhead nuclear missile coming from Russia". Lastly, she is walking, and I tell her", If you want to read the vision God gave me, you can go to google, and punch in, "Indianapolis destroyed by a nuclear missile". She said, "I will".

(45)Russia will destroy America-visions recieved 1-3-2004-while praying, I saw a man in a vision, and he said, "Russia", and I started to ask Jesus, "what about Russia", then I saw Russian president Putin in a vision, and he said, "we are going to get you". USA will be destroyed-while praying on 12-31-2003-I heard these words, "America will be destroyed".
(46)America meets the conditions of God's judgment-visions recieved 2-12-2004-in this vision while praying, I was inside my home, and at the back door, when this huge helicopter buzzed me. I could not believe how quickly it dropped from the sky, and how close it came to my door. I could see the people in it looking at me. It said on the side of it something like, "U.S. National Security Concerns". I closed the back door, and then the front door, grabbed my blanket, and went down inot the basement, and was looking for a way out of there. I am not america's problem. Falling away from Jesus Christ is.

(48)Russia has top scientist-vision received 2-24-2004-while praying, I said to God, Russia has top scientist, after learning that Russia is already testing a system geared at defeating missile defence. I saw the russian president in a vision, and he said, "we do".

(49)vision of coming judgement to america-vision recieved 3-18-2004-in this vision while praying, I saw the earth from a far distance, and the oceans was blue and the ground was green, and it was spinning around, and I saw the North america, and it was like America was separated by a neon white borderline, and I heard these words, "I will make this a burnt mountain".
(50)judgement coming-vision recieved 3-23-2004-in this vision, I saw me, and I said, "judgement's coming".

(51)Bear and the leopard-visions reiceved 3-2004-in one vision, I saw this man who was all white, and he said, "I'm the leopard". That man was satan. In the other vision, I saw the very large bear, and it was ready to attack. I was asking Jesus who this bear was, and I saw Russsian president in a vision, and he said, "me". read REVELATION 13. God's wrath on america-vision recieved 3-2004-in this vision, I saw the earth spinning around, and I was high in the air, and the land was green, and the oceans were blue, and I saw where america was, and it was black.

(52)Russia will attack Alaska-visions recieved 3-31-2004-while praying, I heard, "alaska", and I said, what about Alaska, and in the first vision, I saw Russian president, and he said, "take it back", and in the last two visions, I saw Putin, and he said, "attack it".

(53)Alaska-vision recieved 3-30-2004-while praying, I heard "Alaska", and I said, "what about Alaska?". Then I saw Russian president in a vision, and he said, "battleground".

(54)nuclear missile streaks over the Indianapolis sky-vision recieved 4-9-2004-in this vision, many things happened, and I won't tell you all, but, what I will say is I was with my mom and sister, and we saw this missile high in the sky. It seems like I looked away, and then looked back, and there it was. It was flying so fast. It went past me and headed for its target. I saw me in a vision afterwards, and I said, "I was scared" I later saw Russian president in visions. In one he said, "we starting". In onother, he said, "we started". I was wondering what they started, and I saw him again, and he said, "preparation"

(55)alaska-vision recieved 4-21-2004-in this vision, I saw these words, "it will start with alaka". Later I heard and or saw "ALASKA", and said, "what about alaska, then I saw Russia president of russia in a vision, and he said, "hit it". I saw this again on 8-28 and 29-2003. I was also thinking on osama bin laden having nuclear weapons, and I saw somebody who looked like osama bin laden in a vision, and he said, "we do". When I finally was getting up, I heard these words, "its starting", then I saw me in a vision, and I said, "let it start".

(56)America is Babylon-vision recieved 5-11-2004-in this vision, I'm at some kind of class, and a girl near me asks a question, "is America Babylon". And I raise my hand and anwer her, and say something like, "Yes, America is Babylon. "God has showed me this in many visions". "You are going to see Russia lead an all out attack." America is going to be destroyed in one hour". "Its going to be a destruction in its perfection". "Thats the WORD".

(57)invasion-vision recieved 5-15-2004-in this vision while praying, I quickly saw a newspaper, and the headline read, "The U.S. will see an invasion by Russia".

(58)coming judgment to america-vision recieved 5-26-2004-in this vision while praying, I saw like animated map of the United States, and the states were separated by black borderlines. I saw a ball of fire streak in from high in the sky, and it landed on about the California-Nevada border, and a very big splash of fire shot up into the atmosphere. I don't know what this was, but, I do know what one thing does not get in america, something else will.

(59)china has nuclear subs-vision recieved 7-15-2003-I was praying and wondering if China had nuclear subs, and in a vision, I saw the former president of china and he said, "five nuclear submarines"then I saw me in a vision, and I said, 'they have five nuclear submarines? "then I saw this mouth and it said, "yes"

(60)End-day message-vision recieved 9-1-2003-In this vision, I am inside some kind of buisness, and this girl comes up to me angrily, and acts offended at me and says some things to me angrily, because I did not hit on her, or ask her out. I simply tole her that she would not want any thing to me with me after she knew what I did. I told her I lived for God, and then told her some of the things God showed me in visions. I told her that, In one of the visions God gave me, I saw two nuclear explosions, in this city, it was a multiple warhead nuclear missile. It's coming from Russia. I also tole her that it would be after the Iraq war, which God has showed me in visions will end nuclear. She departs from me talking as she goes, and the vision ends.(memory) (we were in Indianapolis)

(62)nuclear fire-vision recieved 9-1-2003-In this vision, I saw this huge nulcear blast fire. It went into the heaven's, and seemed to spread for miles. It was dark.

(63)Red China-vision recieved 8-29-2003-while praying, God spoke to me and said, "Red China" and I said, "what about Red China"? Then God gave me a vision, and I saw the president of China, and he said, "we want war".

(64)angels come-vision recieved may 98 -driving home from Maine, I pull into a dark reststop and lay over my steering wheel. Shortly after I do there is knocking on my window and I look out and see two twin boys. They had on white beanies(maybe a Yarmulkas or Kippas) and white robes(angels) and they were bright like it was day time and I jumped out of the car in the vision and say, "where is your father"? Then God comes down and says, "its closer than you think". He was referring to the two nuclear explosions He showed me in Indianapolis, which is the judgement coming to America(babylon)
(65)My interview-vision recieved 8-11-2003-it was like I was being interviewed, and I was telling the end day message. I don't remember it word for word, but here is about what I said. "Russia will attack America from the oceans, from cuba, nicauragua, mexico, airplanes. This will happen when you see America go to war with China. I asked God to show me what China will do to draw America into war, and in the first vision, I saw China attacking one of our costal states, and in the second vision, I saw the president of China, and he said, "we will grab Taiwan". (shortened)

(66)america on fire-vision 8-11-2003-It was like I was out to sea, and it was dark, and I was looking at a major American city, which looked exactly like Chicago, and most of the city was on fire. Thick black smoke poured out of it as it burned. Then the other part went up in flames. I saw a building, which looked like the John Hancock building, just fall over. The whole city was on fire.

(67)the angry black bear-vision recieved 8-2-2003-while praying, I saw this very dark black bear, and he was charging at me in fury.(the bear represents Russia, and that nation is getting angrier, and it will not be long before Russia attacks America)

(68)America and China closer to war-vision recieved 8-1-2003-In this vision while praying, I saw these word's written in black, with an off blue background,"When America and China go to war". I will pray and ask God for the rest.

(69)america and china goes to war-In this vision, recieved in about late 2002- I saw a multitude of chinese military men charging unprepared american's. These America's were not even in military apparel(suprise attack)

(70)Indianapolis nuclear suprise-vision recieved 7-7-2003-In this vision, I am at the house I grew up in, in one of the bedrooms, when suddenly my mom calls for me, making me aware the missile that I have been warning about is here. I run into the kitchen, and look out the door into the sky, and I see a missile high in the air, streaking across the sky. It went pass where I could see it, and I heard it explode, and the sky turned like a yellowish color. I hurried the family, into the basement. there was more than my family there. I told my mom, "I love you" and I said, "see, if you would have only believed me instead of making fun of me" she was destroyed. My sister was balling like a baby(shortened)(this was a complete suprise)

(71)compromise(inside of one of the biggest prophetic ministries in america")-vision recieved 7-5-2003-In this vision, I am with a bunch of friends, and we are talking about something wich I don't remember. Then we all left for a party in the next house, which was upstairs in a room. I remember looking at a the door to the room, and I start talking to four girls who were sitting there, If they knew what was going on the other side of the door. While talking with them, I discover two of the girls are out of the same church I am out of. I said, "we all came out of west side pentecostal church, and now we are here". Then I asked them if they wanted me to share some visions with them God gave and they did. I was about to start when the two girls male companions came and took them away. We were leaving, and as we were I told the others saw in two nuclear explosions in Indianapolis, it was a multiple warhead nuclear missile. Its coming from Russia. Next, I am inside the this prophetic ministry, and I see the founder and many foreigners there playing like games. This was the prophecy club. I was made aware that Stan johnson was trying to lead them to their god, not Jesus, which was what these games were about. The vision finishes out with me walking home a man who worked for the prophecy club, and him and I some how knew each other well. I was telling him some visions by force, cause he would not stop and listen to me, and he constantly interupted me, mocking me more or less, changing the subject. This was robert williams. I told him I saw Kansas exploded. I told him in this vision, I was high above the ground, and the ground had a dark brown appearance, I knew this was the Kansas are, and the surrounding states were separated by black borderlines. All of a sudden the state of Kansas exploded into a huge fireball. It only lasted about 2 seconds and came down. It was a nuclear missile. Then I started to tell him about the teaching visions God gave me where He was putting other visions He gave me together, almost chasing him as I am trying. All of a sudden, we are at his house, and he runs into a hole he has dug in the yard we he has some pet birds. Four rats run out of the whole first, then come out baby birds. Finally, we are on the porch and his dad is there, and I am trying to warn them, being interupted by one or the other constantly, and we start leaving. I tell them, God showed me in many visions when America goes to war with China, then Russia will attack America. It seems to me like they are both mocking me. I said, "I asked God for years to show me what China would do to draw America into war. Do you want to know what God showed me?" They were both mocking me, and then all of a sudden, I felt my anointing leave, which means God was done, so I started to run away from them. Then one yells, "yeah Bob, we want to know". I turned around and said, "In one vision, I saw China attacking one of our coastal states and in the other vision, I saw the president of China and he said, "we will grab Taiwan" They started walking again, and it seemed to me like they were mocking me again.(shortened)

(72)end time dream-vision recieved 6-12-2003-many things happened in this vision, and I don't remember all, but, I will tell you what I remember. It started with me in a church, and a service was going on. I believe the pastor said something, and I said, "you want me to take that further?""You have to get in the condition where the Spirit of God can lead you". Next, I am in this house, and there are a lot of people there. I approach one and ask him, "do you go to church?" He told me he did and started telling me where it was, and I told him, "I just left that church" Then I started rolling off some visions that God gave me.I said, "the Iraq war will end with a nuclear exchange between Iraq and Israel' "then you will see russia attack america for the oceans, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, airplanes. God has showed me all this in many visions. You will see this when America goes to war with china. I have seen the antichrist, Jesus, heaven, hell, in visions. Then I told them the heaven vision, "while praying, I saw this city, that was like looking into chicago and new york together, many different sizes skyscrapers, all made of like transparent glass, John described it like pure Gold. This was New Jerusalem. Hell, while praying in a vision, I was in this dark room, that was a bout the color of the skt on a dark starry night, that dark blue purple color, and in the room there was a door open. On the other side of the door was hell. I saw nothing but flames, that almost looked like liquid flames. We had all agreed to go some where and watch Dumitru Duduman's tape, "wake up america" and we all left and I was telling a lady somethings as I was walking her to her car. I told her God showed me Russia attacking America out of cuba. Then I stopped for some reason. I told her about Dumitru Duduman. I said, "the angel Gabriel came down and told Dumitru exactly what will happen"

(73)China wants war-vision recieved 9-9-2003-In this vision, I saw like a glow in the dark sign. And what it said on it was, "China want to edge close to war" I had it twice.

(74)Dumitru Duduman-vision recieved 9-13-2003-In this vision, I am in my house, and some visitor's show up, and one of them is talking about God. I quickly responded back, "since you brought it up, God has showed me Russia attacking the U.S. out of the oceans, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, airplanes. Then I told them to let me go and get Dumitru Duduman's book, 'thru the fire without burning". I told them God showed Dumitru Duduman the same things He showed me, just in a more dramatic way. I find the book, and by this time, my roomate, a person I refer to as my brother Duane shows up, and asks me, "are you going to read out of that book from that Mexican". And I let him know, "yes, I am going to read out of that book by that mexican, but they brought it up".(Dumitru is Romanian, not Mexican) Duane says, "you ain't reading out of that book". And I said, " I know its your house, and I respect that, and if I have to leave I will, but, I am reading out of the book". Then Duane grabs a knife and pulls it on me, and I grab a heavy glass ashtray, and we are going around in circles with me ready to throw the as tray, and him ready to stab me and he is saying, "you ain't reading out of no book". And I say, "I am reading out of that book" over and over again.(buy that book)(by memory)

(75)some nations that will attack america-vision recieved 10-25-2003-In this vision, I heard this man praying that may be a prophet. He was talking to people like they were there. Here is one of the things he said. "A list of nations that are coming after us. China, Nicaragua, Korea, Cuba, and sumershall-some will shortly know".