the visions of the end times and present times


screaming spirit-vision received 6-18-2009-in this vision hollie appears and screams.
(2)the beasts image-vision received 8-11-2009-I saw two arms in vision and hand pulled sleeves back, and I saw popes face tattood on arm.

JEsus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and prophetic scenes and they described:  10-28-2009-no, said, hollie, im thru, she said, away withit, but, shook, yes, I turned around, she said, showed, time, go, hollie, said, to church, its, grace, and larry hunt, hollie showed, record, rubbed, face, hand down, hollie, layed down, hollie showed, record, and, I, stamped, hollie, said, beat hand, bob, said, hollie, showed, popes, picture, this the website, lets post, said, hollie, this is warning, said, hollie, this is not the website talkin, this is hollie, talking for the website, post, thats, post angel, hollie, tore up, record, the vision, hollie, said, showed, pope, hollie showed, record, eat, hollie, wipes, lips, shows, pop up revival, hollie, shows, record, with, the, alome, saleem, sound, said, hollie, sandy wipes lips, it was simb, bangs hand, stamps, thats aleem, hallelujah, said, hollie, showed, put on coat, its, fix van, that, said, hollie, rode excercisor, thats heart beating rapidly, hollie, smiled, that, she said, whew, let me, said, dark grim reaper with yellow lips, hollie, shows, lips, yellow, like, neon, thats gasoline at 3.79, its, uh sign, said, hollie, speedway, thats disgrunted, said, Jesus, barack obama, telling, grunts, economic collapse, leaves, hollie showed, record, said, hollie, bang, said, hollie, looked, its, that, o, red, and black chariot, pulled by angry horses, hollie, sits on one, black horse tears up, stands on back legs, stomps, hoof, thats it said, hollie, post on laptop, hollie, shows, church for sale, Jesus, says, purchase, but, owner wants, about, 300,000, and paid zero, cause he got flock to pay off, its uh double blader, beater, said, hollie, copter, thats hollie in, looking down, jumped out, holds onto rope, its, yellow, said, hollie, hollie, showed, record, theres that o metabolism, said, hollie, its kickin in, this is website, lets post, tomorrow, said, hollie, theres that o red and black chariot again said, hollie, pulled by angry horses, one, tears up, one, shows, popes, picture, its, red, said, hollie, hollie like cat, appears, its, your, leopard, said, hollie, flyin, thats, kings, popping out, theres hu hintao, thats emporer of japan, kim jong, and, south korea, hollie, put back, leopard flys, thats pontiff, hes, im the beast, said, pontiff, thats it, said, hollie, its, new class of submarine, thats submarine sorry, its, simb, said, hollie, thats, hollie, showing, its, radio controlled, will carry one missile, hollie, points down, nuclear fires along west and east coast, of america, thats jet, thats russian submarine underneath ship and controller on, ship, after america struck, thats barack obama typeing, listens, with that ear thing in, said, hollie, thats many american minuteman 111 nuclear missiles taking off, thats, pilot hollie, in russian jet, thats some exploding right in silo, how did they get that close, said, hollie, thats russian prime minister shaking hands with canadian, they become, its partnership, said, Jesus, you want oil, said, putin, yes, shakes, canadian president, there, thats deal, sime, thats russian tankers bringing in canadian oil, said, Jesus, watch for it, hollie, showed, marry, thats hollie, its double blade, kind said, hollie, copter, hollie shows, apache, firing, slaughtering, thats what it is made for, aw, sang, the seven heads, hollie conducts, its meatloaf, thats, king, popping, out, of, heads, they are said, hollie, theres mexican pres, like partial lighted prez, in, head, thats head laughing, thats castrol, raul, theres, chavez, lula, both not wanting, kim jong, thats, him, with, nuclear button, thats, nuclear fires, in, russia, and, china, and, south korea, thats, missile leaving, russia, with, new, ministry of dreams website on, hollie shows, the prophecies center, dont steal or take, it, hollie, said, north korea exploded, thats two rockets leaving a u.s.a. sub, hollie, on one, and, the prophecies center on other, north korea exploded, thats putin, and, medvedev looking at each other, if you do, said, putin, thats, medvedev, pressing nuclear button, bear arising, and hollie appearing, its, the, g8, hollie, said, countries, all burning, thats rockets from them striking russia, exploded, thats sixth seal opening, smoke rising, blocking sun, moon, bobby, said, sun, places hand on bible, thats sun laughing, moon not looking happy, then laughs, he told us, said, sun, thats, world, shaking, thats world, from, high in heavens, hollie looks, its spinning, many countries burning, thats the beast on top of world sitting in his throne, thats second beast hu hintao, hes, the, false, prophet, worship the beast, said, hintao, kneeling before, pontiff, thats, hollie, pulling up, sleeves, 666 being born, thats hegoat charging, smiting the ram, thats, showed, hollie, nuclear fires in russia, china, thats pope, telling medvedev, drive them outta there, thats chinese forces invading russia, after, thats, n.a.t.o. nuclear fires all over russia, thats, nuclear fires, in china, and, russia, thats two horned beast, rising, with, hu, japan, coming out of horns, thats, them at table, with pontiff, 666, peace treaty, its born, said, hollie, I caused your kneck to sag, to tempt you, I ruin your appearance every day, and, night, deseasing gums, ruining face to abase, and, embarras, I will destroy and torture, like, spiking, caressing penus with electricy till I dont care about hurting, briusing your body and heart, I do it, to laugh and, tell others you fell away, and, ask them to pray, I will torture all that get saved, some before, like destroying gums, saith Jesus, I will do it for 30 to forty years, or death, making my servant walk in circles and spin when stopped, letting them see me laughing at their crying hearts, fast untill death, saith God, thats that o red and black chariot, with the pope and hu, red dragon rises behind, thats angry black and red horses pulling, 11-9-2009-you need to record, bobby, said, hollie, and, I, stamped, she, said, up rose happy pontiff, hollie claps, hu hintao, rises, there, you have it, said, hollie, relaxed, both beasts, thats, pontiff, riding, black, horse, hollie, screams, points, its, into russia, exploded, pontiff, said, with pen, hollie, showed, git trash, thats, hollie, feeding animals, wearing a, different coat, I didnt want no more, thats, why im screamin, said, hollie, screamed, that was uh horse tap dancing, said, hollie, which one, she, said, it was blue, hollie, said, thats blue horse appearing, casey, tells, its indianapolis colts charging, thats hollie like vampire, hollie, showed, its the, church of Christ, they, thats owner with dyed hair, thats Jesus, with, owner, if you let me, said, owner, he wants to pastor bob, but, is, not saved, himself, russia is, that, said, hollie, thats hollie walking out, bear appears, hollie showed, word, exploded, hollie screams, whats my reason, said, hollie, that, she pointed, what is it, said, hollie, thats it, said, hollie, its the leave us alone sollie, hollie said, its that o red and black chariot agin, said, hollie, that, hollie, said, finger points at fan, hollie coming out, in, thats hollie like silhouette, kind of, coming, in, out, eyes, wavy, what did hollie, say, said, hollie, get laptop, hollie, said, posted on laptop, loose belt sorrow, said, hollie, thats Father in steam locomotive, whew whew, said, hollie, thats, hollie funnel, changing faces, that is plane fying over, and hollie in sweatshirt, jeans, hollie chewed gum, blew bubble, write my vision, said, hollie, make it plain, hollie screams, whats my word, said, hollie, im grecia, said, angel, casey, points, its, pontiff, with, ram horns, thats putin and hintao coming out of horns, thats hegoat charging, stomping, smiting, ram, with, putins face, hollie, rolls up sleeves, shows, nuclear fires in russia and china, hollie, claps, thats pontiff, telling medvedev, drive them outta there, thats, chinese army invading much of destroyed russia, thats nuclear explosion in china, then, russia, then, both, thats pontiff at table, thats two horned beast rising, with japan and hu, coming out of horns, thats, them, all at table, 666 appears, its born, said, hollie, lets watch it all over again, said, hollie, this is uh warning, said, hollie, its alome, said, hollie, and, sandy wipes lips, it was simb, thats helicopter, big, its, the bladed, kind, said, hollie, and, hollie wipes lips, jumps out on rope, hangs, america below exploded, hollie looked out of copter, its blade kind, said, hollie, and, hollie stairs as it passes, satan said, hollie, pointed, at, light blob, she said, that was satan, said, hollie, hollie runs out, hollie does sign teem, laughs, thats apostolic pentecostals doing sign teem, thats hollie with Jesus inside, showing, record, look, said, hollie, Jesus, turns into silhouette, look, said, holllie, then, back, hollie, let me obseve, she said, thats pope hollie said, its, in that o dark chariot pulled by black horse, thats, the, st. bernard appearing on black horse, showed, cut off, git outta here, david bernard says, to people that show vision, thats, pointed, hollie, david bernard pocketing money, leading u.p.c.i., thats the apostle paul pointing at the saint bernard, witch said, paul,